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PULSEdrum is a unique active rhythm and drumming meditation practice that integrates drumming, body, and voice simultaneously.



PULSEdrum is a rhythm class with an emphasis on embodying and entraining rhythm through the voice and body to your instrument and in addition guides participants to the deeper and more relaxing and meditative effects of rhythm.
Classes integrate drumming, stepping and singing simultaneously, building rhythmic confidence, creativity, and rhythm independence on all instruments.
Polyrhythms, cross-rhythms, and odd-time form the archetypal building blocks that are the foundation of Tania’s PULSE classes as she draws on her knowledge and training as a diverse percussionist, dancer, vocalist, and Master TaKeTiNa teacher after more than 20 years training and teaching.
PULSEdrum classes also include RHYTHM-Karta, a practice designed by Tania, which combines elements of movement, martial arts, and tai chi, to create a unique series of rhythm sequences designed for entraining rhythm as an active form of meditation (ARM™)

Tania and PULSEdrum

knowledge, depth, inspiration, self-discovery, fun, collaboration, flow, expression, listening,  relaxing, joyous, freeing, motivating, exploration – just a few words from Tania’s students when describing her lessons.

Tania has continued to work for more than 30 years as a musician, actor,  director, performing arts trainer, master rhythm teacher and highly regarded teaching specialist working on a wide range of projects, events, and festivals. Tania runs her PULSEdrum classes between Europe and Australia.

She has studied African, Korean, Latin and Haitian drumming and in 2004 she was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to research and study Korean drum and dance styles in Seoul, at the SamulNori Academy and returns regularly to study with her Master teachers including  Jin Yu Rim, Master Assistant of Intangible Cultural Asset No. 27 and 97, and members of the SamulNori group.

Europe, Australia, Asia, New Zealand

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PULSEdrum is a rhythm class, integrating drumming, stepping and singing simultaneously.
Classes build foundations in rhythm, developing rhythmic confidence,
creativity, and rhythm independence on all instruments.